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The biggest Brazilian music festival of Brazil

VillaMix is a festival that showcases the greatest and best national and international music. The project is considered a hallmark of show business and entertainment, developed with the objective to unite on the same stage the artists currently managed by Audiomix. This includes the artists Jorge & Mateus, Matheus & Kauan, Kevinho, Luan, Wesley Safadão, Jefferson Moraes, Jonas Esticado, Israel and Rodolffo, Edu Chociay, Avião,Cleber & Cauan. Also included are the featured DJs Larissa Lahw, Jetlag, Sevenn and Alok – who is the number one DJ in Brazil and the 19th in the world.

The first VillaMix Festival was held in 2011 at the Serra Dourada Stadium in Goiânia (GO) , impressive and renowned for always featuring a huge stage, still known even today as having the best and most modern technology, scenery, lighting, and visual effects and sound.
The super show also has specific areas equipped with cabins with special group spaces, food courts, medical services, and specific entrances that allow the public to enjoy the festival with comfort and joy. To produce this project, VillaMix has a renowned team of professionals working on each edition with communications, creation, art, assembly, production, and security departments, as well as general staff.

There has been success both with the public and media since the festival started, proving to be the biggest national music event of all time. It took very little time for the festival to become well known in the country. From the second year in Goiânia in 2013 , VillaMix began traveling throughout the whole country, passing through more than 20 Brazilian cities


In 2013 the event, which set the public record for attendance, brought 2 new landmark events to the shows: it began to be broadcast by the Globo TV network. Additionally, the space opened its stage for other famous sertanejo artists such as Paula Fernandes and the duo Bruno & Marrone and, of course, the complete roster of AudioMix artists.
Since then, diverse artists have come to the forefront as a result of being featured on this great stage.

In 2014, the festival held nearly 30 festivals from the north to the south of Brazil, passing through the biggest cities and capitals. In 2015, the VillaMix Festival Goiânia edition was certified by the Guinness book of records as being the largest stage event in the world, with the astounding statistics of 2.788,39 m2, Height of 52,34 m and 628 tons of equipment. This surpassed the previous record held by the Irish band U2.

With the theme “It’s time for VillaMix,” the 2016 edition featured an amazing stage proving again the growth of the festival. The festival attracted over 1 million people , 35 different artists, 120 shows, and 150 hours of music.
In addition, the official YouTube channel broadcasted the shows, reaching more then 5 million viewers.

In 2017, Brazil turned its eyes once again to this, the nation’s largest music festival. This is because again, the event held in Goiânia, entered the Guinness book of record as the largest stage in the world, beating its own record with the astonishing structure of 69,37 meters in height, the equivalent of a 23-floor building, with the width of 2,900 m2.
Another great development was that VillaMix brought to the public international well-known artists such as Demi Lovato, Luma, Fifth Harmony, Feldman and Ruby Mancuso, emphasizing the new slogan “ The World is Mix”. On the internet the year was also amazing because the official YouTube channel received more than 4 million viewers. In addition, the festival reached 1.5 million users on social network platforms.

And to start 2018, VillaMix Festival has surpassed expectations as it is now international. For the first time, the event will cross the borders of Brazil to reach the international public. The first country where the festival will be held is Paraguay. In the second part of the year, Portugal will be the next stage for the festival.


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